It’s the end of webmail as we know it

With apologies to R.E.M., it’s the end of webmail as we know it. Big, corporate webmail, that is. As a consulting IT manager, I  feel fine (about it), and so should you. To add your two cents to the discussion, please take a minute to participate in ToolkitCafe’s Summer Email Survey below.

Why your webmail policy should be no policy at all

Recently, I wrote about my feeling that IT managers should  have a clear email security in place so  users who bring their own devices or accept the devices issued by the company know what they’re supposed to do to protect private business information. In that piece, I reported that a large company was taking Outlook Web Access (OWA) away from their users.

In that environment, the IT Department also took away the ability to synchronize Outlook with plain Web mail. Smart phone users must install and use the approved application (GOOD) if they want to continue getting work emails on their phones. And users still have the option to use the company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), but gone are the days when employees can log into work email via OWA from any hotel-lobby PC or wifi hot.

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