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Are you smarter than the average IT manager? If you think so, we invite you to take ToolKitCafe.com’s  IT Management Knowledge Quiz. IT management coach Mike Sisco designed this quiz to test your IT management mettle.  It takes just a few short minutes to answer 10 questions.  Your answers will be graded and results displayed immediately after you finish the quiz. We’ve designed the quiz so you have to answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly in order to pass.

Thanks in advance for taking the IT Management Knowledge Quiz.  Keep an eye out on your ToolTalk Weekly e-newsletter for a link to our analysis of the results.

Tell us what you think of the quiz!

After you take the IT Management Knowledge Quiz, please come back to this thread and post a comment to tell us what you thought of it or email the editor.

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  1. Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis says:

    Dear readers, thanks for the great response to the quiz. Over 100 IT professionals have completed the quiz. So far there are no perfect scores but 35% passed. Keep an eye on this space for more updates, and thanks again for visiting ToolKitCafe.com. -Jeff

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