Don’t Forget Basic Training

In my first IT job I always found it interesting to know more than my boss, the director of IT at my alma mater.  Training him to do his job was very frustrating.  The hardest part was when I tried to explain that we can’t expect all the students to know how to use the new system and the new networking printers and that someone would have to teach a class.  Of course that ended up being me.

You Can’t Reap If You Don’t Sow

The training went well. We ended up having to schedule several more classes for students and faculty. The rest of the semester went much smoother, once everyone understood how the network ran. It was so successful we continued the training through the rest of the year.

What I learned then is still true, even in this day and age.  Everyone on both sides want everything to already just “Magically” work with no effort or training.  To ask them to do basics to get their job done…….out of the question. Even now when everyone should be “in the know”.

Moral of the story

Never know more than your boss or at least pretend not to know or just feel free to apply to your boss position when it opens.

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