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Mike’s Top 15 IT Manager Tools

When the Editors of Toolkit Café asked me to provide a list of the Top Ten IT manager tools every IT manager should have, three things happened: • First, I never had really thought about “must have tools” for every IT manager. I had always just focused on individual tools or my entire IT Manager ToolKit. […]

The Importance of a Vendor Contact List

I remember joining a new company as a new CIO early in my career. It was a small company and my first CIO position. I discovered quickly I had a lot to learn. One day soon after my start we experienced a problem with one of our key business applications and needed vendor support to […]

Measuring the Cost of Downtime

Have you ever tried to get an infrastructure project funded only to discover that it is like “pulling teeth” to get your senior manager’s approval? If so, it is probably because your senior manager is having major difficulty understanding what you are talking about. All he hears is that you are asking for lots of […]

Motivate employees with an IT Training Plan

Experience tells us that training and education are two of the most powerful motivators for IT employees. “Training and Education” always rank in the top reasons why IT people stay with their company, while money usually ranks 7th or lower. What does this mean to you and the way you manage your IT shop?  You […]