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The 4 words tech support should never say

In this edition of Jeff’s Quick Rants, I’d like to share with you the one thing that should never be said by your customer-facing, level I, level II, and level III support staff.  When an IT person utters this four-word phrase to someone not in IT, the message it sends is, “You’re obviously an idiot […]

3 must-know table tips for Word users

In this edition of Jeff’s Quick Tips, I’ll share three tips for using tables in Microsoft Word that every Word user in your organization must know.  Feel free to pass these productivity and formatting tips around to your users, your help desk staff, and technical trainers. These tips work the same way in every version […]

Take ToolKit Cafe’s IT Management Knowledge Quiz

Are you smarter than the average IT manager? If you think so, we invite you to take ToolKitCafe.com’s  IT Management Knowledge Quiz. IT management coach Mike Sisco designed this quiz to test your IT management mettle.  It takes just a few short minutes to answer 10 questions.  Your answers will be graded and results displayed immediately […]

5 Critical Insights for Implementing ERP

Oh, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), you promise so much but you’re a fickle consort. That’s the lesson we learned when we interviewed Brian Schaffner, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure for a healthcare provider with operations on five continents.  Brian has worked and lived through his fair share of ERP implementations in companies of various sizes […]

2 Reasons to Love IT Project Management

I hate to break the news, but if you don’t love project management, you’re probably failing as an IT manager. Why? Because if you’re not embracing project management, you’re making the people who report to you work longer and harder than they should. In this column, I’ll tell you why you need to be your […]

3 golden rules of IT vendor management

Got vendors? You need vendor management. As an IT manager, you spend a lot of your company’s money. You hire individual consultants and big-time corporate consultants.  You sign Statements of Work or multi-year agreements  with niche- and enterprise-software vendors. You pay big bucks for professional services provided and software and hardware maintenance contracts. So how do […]

Mentally Tough Rules for IT Managers

As an IT manager, are you “living the dream?” Or do you find yourself frequently wondering how different your life would be if you were selling shoes or painting houses for a living?  It isn’t easy being a good IT manager.  In this column, I’ll share with you seven “mentally tough” rules for technology managers […]

Software Review: Good Technology’s mobile application tool illustrates need for mobile device email policy

In this column, I’ll tell you how one Big IT Shop solved the problem of how to enforce the email information security policy in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era when 95% of their employees access corporate  email via smartphones, tablets,  and company-issued laptops. One ISO’s “Good” solution for enforcing email policy I recently consulted […]